Course Title
“Structural Geology & Emerging Basins in South America”

Jan Witte & Daniel Trümpy


5 Days

This applied course provides detailed insight into the structural geology and related petroleum potential of conventional and non-conventional hydrocarbon basins worldwide, with a strong focus on South America. More specifically it highlights and analyses the petroleum potential of select frontier basins in Latin America. It is designed for G&G professionals as well New Business staff and managers.

Selected Modules
Introduction “Plate Tectonic of South America & Basin Overview”; Introduction to Compressional and Extensional Basins across South America; Shale tectonics; Mud Diapirism; Fore-Arc Tectonics; Case Studies from Strike-Slip Basins in Colombia; Non-Conventional Hydrocarbons in Latin America; Basin & Play Analysis in Conventional Plays; Basin & Play Analysis in Non-Conventional plays.

Course Costs
The costs depend on current training prices, number of participants etc.