Course Title
“Fractured Hydrocarbon Reservoirs”

Jan Witte


3 Days

This introductory to intermediate training course provides a deeper understanding of workflows and methodologies to assess fractured hydrocarbon reservoirs in exploration or development projects. It covers important theoretical background information, methods of fracture characterization, fault related fractures, fold related fractures, statistical and modeling workflows for fractured reservoirs. Furthermore, it provides a number of case studies and "lessons learned" of fields producing from complex fractured reservoirs, as well as hands-on exercises. The course is designed for G&G staff and engineers.

Selected Modules
Introduction to Fractured Reservoirs; Basic Geomechanic Principles; Worldwide Overview of Fractured Reservoirs; Examples of Giant Fields Producing from Fractured Reservoirs; What are the Fracture Drivers?; Statistical Fracture Analysis; Modeling Approaches for Fractured Reservoirs.

Course Costs
The costs depend on current training prices, number of participants etc.