Course Title
"Structural Geology & Petroleum Potential of Iran"

Jan Witte & Daniel Trümpy


5 Days

This practical course focuses on the structural geology and petroleum potential of one of the most prolific hydrocarbon belts in the world,
the Iranian Zagros. Based on a number of lectures and practical exercises, the course provides detailed insight into the structural styles 
of Iran and how they control the different hydrocarbon provinces and trap configurations.

A significant part of the course will be spent on the analysis of salt-related structures. About one and-a-half days are spent on basin & play
analysis (selected case studies). The course includes numerous practical exercises (remote sensing, seismic interpretation, cross-sections,
fracture analysis, basin analysis). 

The participants will significantly deepen their understanding and knowledge of the structural settings of Iran and how they control the
hydrocarbon prospectivity. The course is designed for G&G professionals, New Business staff and managers.

Selected Modules
Course introduction; plate-tectonic context  - the greater Zagros belt; structural domains & structural styles of Iran; overview of worldwide
salt tectonics; salt tectonics & related traps in Iran; history of hydrocarbon exploration in Iran; hydrocarbon provinces of Iran; overview of
hydrocarbon plays in Iran; profiles of selected Iranian hydrocarbon fields; outlook & future exploration in Iran; literature recommendations.

Course Costs
The costs depend on current training prices, number of participants etc.