Course Title
“Assessment of Petroleum Plays in Compressional Settings”

Jan Witte & Daniel Trümpy

Switzerland (classroom & field)

6 Days

This applied course covers a broad spectrum of techniques relevant for successful hydrocarbon exploration. In a unique way the course combines structural methodologies with basin and play analysis.

Selected Modules
Overview of Structural Geology Methods; Introduction to Basin & Play Analysis; Thin-Skinned Tectonics; Basin & Play Analysis in Thin-Skinned Fold Belts; Fractured Reservoirs; Field Exercise “Fractures”; Thick-Skinned Tectonics; Basin & Play Analysis in Thick-Skinned Fold Belts; Transpressional Tectonics; Basin & Play Analysis in Strike-Slip Provinces; Field Trip (1 day).

Course Costs
The costs depend on current training prices, number of participants etc.