Course Title
“Applied Geoscience Workflows For Complex Structural Settings”

Jan Witte & Rob Vestrum


5 Days

This applied course is designed for geologists and interpreting geophysicists. It provides detailed insight into combined workflows of seismic imaging and structural analysis and modeling. The course consists of a number of real-life examples and hands-on exercises.

Selected Modules
Ice-Breaker Discussion; Introduction “Structural Methods in Hydrocarbon Exploration”; Seismic Acquisition; Refraction Statics; Fractured Reservoirs; Seismic Anisotropy & Fractured Reservoirs; Contractional Tectonics; Seismic Migration; Seismic Imaging; Salt Tectonics; Poor-2D Seismic Interpretation Pitfalls; Literature Recommendations.

Course Costs
The costs depend on current training prices, number of participants etc.